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Ave Fraters et Sorors
Established on November 27, 2004

Welcome to our server devoted to the Western Mysteries.

This site is dedicated to spreading the Ancient Wisdom, as perceived, experienced, and expressed by our beloved brother, G.H. Frater Joseph E. Nolen, a Self-Realized American Qabalist. Feel free to send me contributions, photos, and stories -- even experiences received from listening to this site :-)

Oct. 15, 2020 Happy 103th Birthday to our beloved G.H. Frater Joseph Nolen! There will be special uploads! Stay Tuned! In 2019 I have another 20 Transcriptions -- Stay Tuned.

Thank you Patricia Samson fron Eureka California! I am midst moving the server where my late Mentor's website resides. Patricia caught it and reminded me it was down and I am aglow!

New Discovery revealed: In the late 1980s/early 90s Joseph formed a European Qabalist Meditation, chanting, and Ceremonial Group, which spread enthusiastically through many European countries.Some of the Group Meditations are on this site. The founding members were called, The Pentagram Family. One of its surviving members, Anja W. of Sweeden begins today to share with us a number of memories of a most exciting time. You can find it in the Rememberences Gallery!

New email (9/8/10): I will endeaver in the coming months to update as possible with another 150+ lectures to come. Thank you, Judith and Olen, for your inspiration and appreciation. Barry Ira Geller.

Quote of the Year (and any year):
Now, thinking about what could have been the most important contribution from Joseph's to the Work that BOTA serves to, IMO it is, for those who can surpass "the test and trials of the scaffolding", that Joseph is Joseph, as well as Ann is Ann and Paul is Paul. Everyone is made of the same Light, but sings and plays a unique song or part in the Play. This is freedom. This is richness. This is grace multiplying Itself. The beauty of the children of Adam. This freedom, Joseph gave it to me, or taught me to appreciate it no only in the leaders, but in mySelf to. Self Respect in the extense sense of the world!

Love and hugs
Jesus Santistevan

Arrived (06-12-09):
Joseph singing many songs for the 1967 Christmas event at BOTA.

Soon to come: The complete 100 taped Thursday night classes Joseph gave on the Tarot in the early 1980s. By Joseph's Birthday this coming October 15 I hope to have up (at least) the remaining 25 tapes on Practical Aspects of the Path of Return. And more. Thank you all for being here.

Click here for supplimentary Lecture notes on -- and direct links to-- each Lecture Clicking on any file may take a few minutes to load so... Just layback, get your favorite recorder, and listen to the Ageless Wisdom that streams forth from the limitless well of Frater Nolen's awareness! A brief link to our special knowitall page, - "What's New on the Site" will give you a few statements as to what may be of interest. Add to your enligntenment. Hear them in any order you wish! (And, as Joseph would say,) Do What You Want!

WOW! In the first 7 months since this site's inception, there have been over 450 downloads of Joseph's complete Inner Journeys Newsletter series. This is great news, indeed! The Meditation Series and other Lectures have been listened to over 600 times all together! Over 800 people have listened to Joseph sing a robust version of his Aquarian Doxology (for a brief history of the Doxology's evolution, from his lyrics to music, see "What's New" for origin information). A heartfelt "Thank you" -- to everyone from the Occult & Western Mystery School community. I have received many wonderful responses from people all over the world and I am also very sure Joseph and members of the Inner School are indeed quite pleased :-)

ANNOUNCEMENT!! Commencing 9/26/07 We will be adding several Joseph Nolen lecture tapes from the 1980s each week, largely to the Category, "Qabalah Lecture Series. Each of these lectures are usually 1/2 hour long. Please check back regularly or, better yet, send an email to our new address: "" to be put on our update list. We start with the only one of its kind in existence, a tape of Joseph giving an extended Qabalistic Sound and Color Meditation in Bilbao, Spain in 1983 -- in both Spanish and English! Find it in the Qabalistic Ritual section of the Site Menu.

January 25, 2007: The plan to fully reconstruct this site has finally begun with our offering of newly mastered MP3s of Joseph Nolen's 1979 Meditation Series, and others, below. Many of Joseph's contributions to the PFC email list, during the 10 years he was on it, will be culled, as time permits. This site was publically opened as of September 1, 2005 and was sort of held in check while I resolved several issues, both esoteric and profane. It is now re-opened on this day of January 25, 2007, the 3rd anniversary of Joseph's passing through our earthly Door into the next consciousness of Eternal Life. Our love for him glows no less.

For special contributions of mind and soul which helped me formulate this site --thank you-- Angela, Jyoti, Amber Jayanti, Fran Keegan, Jesus, Bob, Bruce, Patricia Nolen. To Keith and Marjhe, who single-handedly made Joseph's Memorial Service possible. To Patricia Behman and to many others who showed up to pay their respects to their old friend and teacher. And, as always, our friend who has stared the macrocosm in its face, the late Noel Kettering (Bruce Rick Peters).

New Operating instructions:
Operating this site is relatively simple -- the Menu and its submenus will open to other webpage/pdfs or sound files for your selection.

  • 1) First, move your curser down the items of the Main Menu, which will turn Yellow on Red as you do so. To select a category, just click it.
  • 2) If it is the final selector it will turn White Letters upon RED. In the case of a sound file, there could be one or many if under a series Title.
  • 3) Click on the Sub-Category or Series Title itself to get notes on each of the tapes, as available.
  • 4) Moving your cursor and then clicking the final White on Red menu selection will open the file of your choice, which you can listen to as long as you wish. There are many large files which may take a few minutes to load, so please remain patient. Click the Start button when the media player appears.
  • On some computer operating systems there is no current method to save the sound files to your hard disk, so a small donation for each full CD is suggested, if you wanted to have the hard copy. The remastering of many lecture series is now being accomplished, which could easily include over 100 additional hours of talks (as well as transcripts) so please stay in touch.

    Please consider sending me any remembrances, which I will add to the site.

    ANNOUNCEMENT: 1/25/07 Heretofore rare, heard by few, and otherwise generally unknown, The FULL Recordings of Joseph Nolen's famous 1979 Meditation And Qabalah Lecture Series are here now for listening and your enlightened pleasure! An amazing series where Joseph discusses and instructs how to meditate using Qabalistic and Tree of Life methods of the ancient Western Mysteries.

    The Series was made over an 8 week period, adding to around 12 full hours of a Master of Qabalah's explanations and guided meditations through the Mystical Paths of the Tree of Life, according to the Western Mysteries of the Inner Order or Masters of the Inner College. Each MP3 lecture is at least 45 minutes, with a corresponding Question and Answer MP3 of nearly the same length. With approximately 1 megabyte to each minute this gives us a 45 MB download each, or nearly 700 MB for the entire series: The Entire Series is designed to fit on a Single CD!

    In the Writings Menu, you will find Joseph's personal Inner Journey Newsletters, individually to read or as a set to download! Also in that section you will find the original sheet music of Joseph's Aquarian Doxology and the music for the Holy Art Thou (HAT) ancient Rosicrucian Adoration.

    Security and bandwidth costs being a concern, I will maintain the site as a "Listening" site. UPDATE: Soon a full FTP download area will be available.

    If you wish to receive CDs of all the lectures and writing. Click here

    It is a good idea to check back with us weekly as we are beginning to add many things. There are several new sound bytes and later will be adding transcripts and additional MP3s of the many lectures Joseph gave in Los Angeles and around the world during the 70s and 80s. Please join our mailing list and get automatically notified. Send and email to: "" -- Donations of any amount kindly accepted to help with all the future remastering of some 100 hours of original taped lectures. Thank you.

    The Inner Journey Newsletters

    The Inner Journey Newsletters were written and published by Joseph E. Nolen from 1991 through 1997, for a total of 21 issues. They contain Joseph's summing up of his nearly 40-year experience and practice of Qabalah, Niva Kalpa Samadhic persepctive and experience, working directly with Ann Davies for almost 15 years, and later being the Mystery School president. It was his wish while he lived that I assemble them to find a publisher, to disseminate them for the purpose of receiving all those who seek the wisdom of the Western Mysteries, especially regarding Mystical Qabalah as taught by Dr. Paul Foster Case and the Reverend Ann Davies. The Rights to the Inner Journeys have since been graciously conferred upon me by his Estate to accomplish this, of which I have been quite honored to accept. The book, currently in PDF form, comes with fascinating cover art created by Angela Mohrle. However, while I plan to form The Inner Journey Foundation to publish all his works and lectures, the decision was made to make everything on the site available for free to anyone who desired.

    So be it!

    All the issues have been prepared for the first time as a single searchable document from unedited scans of the originals and is available to all who wish. One can either download them or view them from this site for free, or order all the CDs for a donation of $25 (includes shipping). Ditto the Meditation Series which fits on a single CD. UPDATE 2009: 5 CDs containing all lectures and printed docs from the entire site, only $25. If you wish to receive CDs of all the lectures and writing. See Orderpage for info You can always email me at

    May the Blessings of the Inner Light continue to shine forth from within and provide Love and Guidance to your Path.
    Barry Ira Geller
    January 25, 2005 June 16, 2015

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