Solutions to Problems
on the Path of Return

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Oct. 15, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
Solutions to Problems on the Path of Return"

Below is my outlining of Notes and quotes from each of the 15 lectures from 7/21/85 through 2/15/87 by Joseph Nolen. These are generally 1/2 hour long. These are the direct links to the recordings, although they are also available using the Main Menu.

1) July 21, 1985
Ingestion, the Endocrine System, and your Spiritual growth.
Spiritual growth is determind by how we interpret our experiences. Consciousness reversal must occur in the areas of Yesod. The Principal of the Inner School, which is the Corrective reversal process when we link with a Mystery School-- the seeding aspects of Life into our SubConsciousness -- which are operated by the Inner Teachers. It is the Inner Teacher who awaits our experience.

"Faith is a result of the Absolute Knowledge of Reality"

2) August 18, 1985
Methods of The Mystery School compared to College
The difference is the Mystery Schools are repositories of Cosmic Consciousness. The Mystery Schools as reconcilliation centers. The work of the Mystery or Inner Schools in our lives. Unawakend growth is distorted growth -- as we are awakened towards Unity (or no [Illusion of] Separation) our distortions begin to disappear.

"Rituals are images in motion"

3) Sept. 15, 1985
Mystery Schools as Behavorial Modification activities
The Mystery School: a behavorial modification activity. It works with the Inner School, with initiatory imprinting. We are being trained for direct concious perception from the Inner Teacher.

"You become a master of your own expression."

4) Sept. 29, 1985
We are the Project of the Inner Teacher
We are the Guidance Project of the Higher Self, the Inner Teacher.

"Enlightenment: All is good; All is guided; All is God."

5) Oct. 20, 1985
Difficulties Sharpen our Intellect-What Busy-ness is"
Busy-ness is a mode of unconsciousness. Difficulties sharpen our Intellect. Observing the laws of your life and consciousness.

6) Nov. 17, 1985
What are the basic reasons we are on the Path?
What are the basic reasons we are on the Path to God? We desire to see the divine thread behind every form we take. Remembering the events of the day -- knowing your own motion, the motion of God, One divine thread in all.The nature of Prophecy. The ever-changing patterns. Where Peace lies.

7) Dec. 15, 1985
Group Work-the Proven Tool of the Inner School
We relinquish patterns for consciousness to develop. Groupwork is the most proven tool that the Inner School uses to evoke our spiritual evolution and transmuation.

8) Jan. 11, 1986
Adepts, Evolution, and the Western Mysteries
How did history's Adepts come to their consciousness and work? How did it happen? What were the methods of the ancient Mystery Schools? What were the origins of the Magical Tradition?

"The purpose of the Mystery Schools is to experience the mysteries of Life first hand --- by meditation and initiation."

9) April 2, 1986
The Responsibility of Students"
The responsibility of students of mystery schools is to the changes in the world. The natural inclination of Life is to express Unity & the Dark forces Dis-Unity. How to deal with the Hate from countries of the world and keep your consciousness focused upon the Aquarian Age. To hold our consciousness free of Impact of hate & fear & all negativity. In Group Work Christ consciousness of the group will impact upon the real growth of the individual. Rituals are pictures in motion -- you are impacted by Christ-Unity by a ritual.

"Only a fool moves from comfort"

10) May 18, 1986
The Dynamic Connectiveness of everything
The dynamic connectiveness of everything and eveybody. Every act eveyone does is connected to all other activities. The Lord of Life connects us all. Tav, the Divine Mother, is at the center of teh Bube of Space, the entrance to the Path of Return. Are you loving the process? Are you contemplating the mysteries every day? If so, you are being worked upon by the Inner Masters.

11) Oct.19, 1986
Masters of Wisdom work through groups
Group Work is the most powerful transformational tool of the Mystery Schools. Consciousness always needs an example within one part of itself. Masters of Wisdom work through groups. Those that can function harmoniously in groups that do not need constant ego recognition, these people have begun to make Soul contact because the group expression is the Soul Connection.

12) Nov.16, 1986
Enlightenment: How do we pursue Happiness?
Enlightenment: Seeing Reality. 2 Dimensions become 3 dimensions. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How do we -- each one of us -- pursue happiness? We are a Soul-seeing company here. We are here to see Reality. We are here to see Unity. Aligning ourselves with the flow of evolution. All is One, All is in motion; we are all continuously in motion. And this concept infuses your consciousness & gives you a peace of mind.

13) Nov.30, 1986
Enlightenment: The growth of Self
Continuing on [the subject of] Enlightenment & the pursuit of Happiness. The Growth of Self. The process of what it is. Images of its description, from Still Black and White, to Motion in color. The Tarot keys as transparent windows. The gradual reforming of the nature of experience of the world we are in.

14) Jan.18, 1987
Our Journey and the Divine Plan
Animals communicate emotions by sounds. Part of your journey is the reorganization of mind -- we are not alone -- there is a Divine Plan. Coagulation and Dissolution: New forms & new seeds of behavior.

15) Feb. 18, 1987
Becoming the Watcher of the Higher Self
Evolving beyond the personal need for recognition.Watering the seeds of our growth. The unfoldment of the Life Force & the unfolding of the Seed of Self.

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