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Oct. 27, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
Reversals on the Path of Return"

Below is my outlining of Notes and quotes from each of the 7 lectures from October 1983 through February 1984 by Joseph Nolen. These are generally 1/2 hour long. Here are the direct links to the tapes, which are also available by using the Main Menu, on the upper left of every screen.

1) Sept. 15, 1983
Lamed - The Equilibriator of Tiphareth.
Lamed is the Teacher of Teachers; it is the Equilibriator of Tiphareth, the Mediator.What action do we decide to take when there is a fork in the Road ahead of us? Do we see Anger or the Inherent lesson of Life, showing itself to us? The Goad of Lamed. The Explanation of the Book of Tokens on Lamed. The most difficult things we face is the most rewarding. The time comes when you begin to bless the Rod, instead of just seeking the Carrot.

Where is the Lesson? Become the Watcher and learn. It is the Future that determines our Present-- the Becoming of Life. The principals of Critical Mass, as related to conciousness -- The [right] sequence of Mass events -- will effect Mass Conciousness. It is our responsibility as Advanced Aspirants to hold our consciousness in these states after the Order of the Divine -- especially in the face of intentionally backward arrival -- the future is thus altered.

2) October 2, 1983
Am I on the Right Path? How to Know
"All Paths are directed by the Inner Teacher"

3) October 16, 1983
Karma Elimination and Releasing Pain
How to let people be who they are -- and must be -- as a method of getting rid of your karma.

4) November 20, 1983
Key 15 - King of Deluders
How [our perception] of Key 15 affects who we are.

5) December 18, 1983
The Secret of the Great Work"
The Secret of the Great Work is Equilibrium. The world is equiliberated by 36 Just Men - Tzaddiks -- who balance the rest of the world's mass mind. Equilibrium is being in Harmony with the flow of events, the Receptivity of the Divine Flow of events. Equilibrium is being in Harmony with the flow of consciousness, of Self, of the I AM. What the Inner School needs from us is to bring about a modification of consciousness in the world.

"Reversals on the Path [of Return] alter the Mass Mind."

6) January. 15, 1984
Total Alignment with Reality is Enlightenment. Tattoo this on your forehead.
We are always aligning ourselves with Reality. Failures have spiritual value: stimulates the aspirant to try again. Not remembering our past lives is another act of a merciful God . The Inner Teacher is constantly in meditation upon us [by way of] the physical body. The Great Work is changing those patterns to the benevolent Unity of Life. the Personality is the working of the Inner Self. I will regard every circumstance in my life as the direct dealing of God upon my Soul. The Inner Teacher assists your desire to evolve.

"The Inner Teacher - the Christ/Self, is in deep meditation on the problems of the personality during embodiment, to bring the instrument into mastery of this plane."

7) February 19, 1984
We Are all Children of the One Self
We are all being poised for growth. We are all children of the One Self. We learn to laugh at ourselves -- our weakness becomes our strength. The nature of the Personality -- how to help prevent upsets and hatreds. How everyone is our teacher. How the Rosicrucian Grades work on our patterns.

"We do not grow ourselves -- the Inner School does it."

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