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For any request or any question or making a submission, please send me an email to: [ ] and I will reply as soon as possible.

There are five CDs -- Now a Single DVD, of which is suggested a donation of $5 for a total of $25 :
1) The Meditation Series - 8 sound lectures / 16 files
2) Aspirations & Affirmations -- See Main Menu
2a) Qabalistic Rituals recordings
3) The Solutions to Problems on the Path of Return 4) The Inner Journey Newsletters - PDF files of 7 years of Josephs writings.
5) Other Lectures as described on the Main Menu 6) Extras: about 25 mesmirizing songs sung by the late Marion Hills, from the 1980s, found nowhere else on the internet.

Donations of $25 or more will automatically recieve the above, shipping included. All funds go to costs of remastering. Some of the tapes are very old and often need special care like hand spindling and variable volume and speed control during recording/playback -- so a single tape can be quite time consuming.

Thanks again. May the Blessings of the Inner Light continue to shine forth from within and provide the Love and Guidance to your Path.
Barry Ira Geller.

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