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Feb. 25 2011 Many new discoveries of Joseph's works in Europe during 1988-1995 are being reviewed. Tapes of the 70s-80s are finally being setup to come to the site. Thanks goes to all the people visiting this site around the world!

Oct. 15, 2015 Happy 98th Birthday to our beloved Joseph!

New Discovery revealed (2010): In the late 1980s/early 90s Joseph formed a European Qabalist Meditation, chanting, and Ceremonial Group, which spread enthusiastically through many European countries. Some of the Group Meditations are on this site. The founding members were called, The Pentagram Family. One of its surviving members, A. W. of Sweeden begins today to share with us a number of memories of a most exciting time. You can find it in the Rememberences Gallery!

Current Site State for Sept 8, 2010 -- So much has happened Spiritually ~ So much Growth for us all. We have just moved to a new server.Everything on the site is freely downloadable. There have been repairs to the Affirmations section.

What's New: Files & Features

June 11, 2009 Newly Arrived (at last):"Joseph sings Christmas songs at BOTA in 1967" Or see it in on the Affirmation and Chants section of the menu.

Once and again, I have made yet another, better and clearer version of the lecture, Spiritual Linkage and The One Self. See notes below. (and a little suprise guest in the beginning.)

October 18, 2008 We have had the gracious help of Jesus Santistaban, an old student of Joseph's from Spain, who has remixed many of the Joseph Nolen lectures so that both speakers now are stereo-ized mono :-) Thank you very much Jesus

Oct. 27, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
"Reversals on the Path of Return"
7 perception-provoking Lectures starting from October 1983 through Febuary 15, 1984.
Click here for supplimentary Lecture notes and direct links to each Lecture

Oct. 27, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
Two new single lectures from early 1983:

July 24, 1983. "Trials and Temptations on the Path"
Joseph's 1st lecture in 1 1/2 years after his return from South America.
August 21, 1983. "What you have been Taught to Expect"
"We have expectations and problems with each other. We engage people on the Path who are all under a compression period of growth. What are the best ways to deal with this?"

Oct. 18, 2007
~Affirmations & Chants~
Brand New! A remastered version of Joseph chanting the "Holy Art Thou" or ancient Rosicrucian Adoration, (which he wrote the music to) as part of a guided meditation he conducted on Key 14 on October 1, 1987 -- exactly 20 years ago!
Listen to it Here.
The full guided meditation (on Keys 13,14,15-the Path of Return) will be made available very soon.

Oct. 18, 2007
~Affirmations & Chants~
A remastered version of Joseph chanting the 4 Holy Names and 4 Archangelic Names, as part of a guided meditation he conducted on Key 14 on October 1, 1987 -- exactly 20 years ago!.
Listen to it Here
The full guided meditation (on Keys 13,14,15-the Path of Return) will be made available very soon.

Oct. 18, 2007
~Affirmations & Chants~
A remixed version of the existing "Holy Names chanting" making his voice and that of the group in attendance less overwhelming.
This recording was made on November 1, 1979 during group work. Listen to it again Here

Oct. 18, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
I have made a new version of "Spiritual Linkage and the One Self," cutting the size (and load time) in half, the voices clearer, and doubling the bit rate to 128. The hum from the original tape recorder has been reduced, but is still there .
This is a talk given on June 7, 1987. Joseph says, "The whole of the Great Work is to allow the Inner Teacher to adjust our attitudes." "Meditation is the Linkage mechanism to the Inner School." Listen to it again Here

Oct. 16, 2007
~Site Menu Selections~
I have made adjustments to the menuing system, which now allows a person to more easily browse and then make a selection by clicking on a single item. Before this, all the sub-menus automatically rushed open as one moused over. One less distraction in life :-) Read the New Site Operating instructions Here

Oct. 15, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
"Solutions to Problems on the Path of Return"
15 Lectures starting from July 18, 1985 through Febuary 15, 1987. Click here for supplimentary Lecture notes and direct links to each Lecture

Oct. 3, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
Mysteries of Time and Space - Febuary 12, 1989.

Joseph takes us on an excursion of Motion Watching through the Tree of Life. "We are Motion Watchers, as humans."

~Qabalah Lecture Series~
~Special Techniques on the Qabalistic Path~
Three lectures dealing with
The Feminine Principal as Condensation, Limitation, then Liberation: The Great Mother is the Expression of Condensing of the Universal Substance;"
Healing -- an expression of Karma or our identification with the expression? How to approach Death;
Past-life transmutations and the cosmic sense of humor of Adepts-The giggle of the One Self: Everytime you laugh, God giggles.

Oct. 1, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
April 29, 1990--"The Purpose of the Pair of Opposites."
How to deal with Separation and with true Evolution.

Oct. 1, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
~New Sub-Category called "Qabalistic Solutions to Life's Problems,"
a series of 15 lectures Joseph gave between 1984 and early 1985.
For now there are two from an upcoming series of 15. Our current lectures are called "Divine Guidance and the Higher Self Parts I & II." There were talks given on Sunday, August 14, 1984, and complimented with an additional and extended talk on the same subject on September 15, 1984.

Sept. 30, 2007
~Qabalah Lecture Series~
"Spiritual Linkage and the One Self."
A talk given on June 7, 1987, entitled "Spiritual Linkage and the One Self". Joseph says, "The whole of the Great Work is to allow the Inner Teacher to adjust our attitudes." "Meditation is the Linkage mechanism to the Inner School."

Sept. 28, 2007
NEW! Category called "Qabalistic Ritual"
In 1983 Joseph gave a Qabalistic Sound and Color Meditation in Bilbao, Spain, which was concurrently translated into Spanish. This ritual followed after the practice of same name for the previous 10 years at least. It covered chanting IAO (Isis, Apothis, Osiris) to the Sound and Color Zodiacal and Planetary relationships, all in visual format using Tarot and the Intelligences statements of the Tree of Life. Forgive the recording please, which was made (unfortunately) on a dying battery, but I have put in mucho hours in its reconstruction. It is the only recording I know of in existence of this most important meditation ritual As a Minister Joseph was able to freely determine the format so in this special version of the Ritual, we can hear him adding activity never before heard! Forgive the quality on the 2nd half as it is constantly being worked upon to improve it. Just turn up the ol' volume switch :-)

May 8, 2007
~Rememberence Gallery~
Amber Jayanti's Forward to The Inner Journey Newsletter. For some reason I thought this paper was already included here! It was written by Amber Jayanti in 2005 as an introduction to the printed version of The Inner Journey Newsletter book. Amber and Joseph went back quite a few years and she'd always considered him her mentor. For those not already familiar, Amber Jayanti has written several well read books on the Tarot and runs the Santa Cruz School of Tarot and Qabalah. Thank you, Amber. Enjoy!

~Writings~ March 9, 2007
Joseph's Original Sheet Music
for the Aquarian Doxology and his musical rendition to the ancient Rosicrucian words of Adoration called the H.A.T., are added in PDF format in Writings section. Joseph told me he'd written the original words in the late 1950s when he lived in Hawaii. After he met Ann Davies in the early 1960s, he was inspired to write the music. Enjoy!

Ordering CDs: New Donation Idea: $25 gives you everything + more. See Latest Ordering page.

*Pain, Evolution, & the Inner Journey
( *(c) 1985 B.O.T.A. / The Portico)

~Remembrance Gallery~
The Knowledge and Conversation of Master R

Revisions to the Site dedication

The Gold Ring of One Self 2003

Revisions to the Introduction

New Category: Workshops in Esoteric Qabalah

Various interactive Classes Joseph gave, during the years 1983-1990. These classes were normally from 3 to 45 series of a specially devoted topic. Different from the directed 1/2 hour Lecture Series, these classes usually incurred certain practice or exercises for all who attended, including a long Q & A.

Adeptship in Relationships 2002

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